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Rutgers Hillel Alumni Association
Pipeline: Fall 2006


Yehuda Sherman R’59 became a citizen of the State of Israel and is married to Catherine Sherman.


Fern Liebhabev Steinberg D’60 and husband Jerry are enjoying their six grandchildren. Fern just retired after 20 years as a Substance Abuse Counselor.

Rabbi Daniel Siegel R'68 and his wife Hannah Tiferet Siegel have moved back to Canada after many years in the Boston area, and live on an island off the coast of British Columbia.


Barry (R’70) & Linda (Kirschner) (D’71) Diamond announce the birth of twin granddaughters, Abigail Shaina and Lea Miriam born to their children Michael and Sarah Diamond.

Sheldon (R’72) & Bonnie (D’72) Fridenreich announce engagement of their son Avi, a Senior at Rutgers.

Gail & Gary Cantor R’74 announce the marriage of their son Danny Cantor to Adina Rhein in Israel. Their daughter Shira made aliyah in September 2005.

Renee Gross D’76 & Stuart Feinblatt R’76 live in Highland Park, NJ. Stuart is an attorney at Sills Cummis in Newark, NJ specializing in product liability litigation. Renee is an OB-GYN in East Brunswick. Their two sons, Max & Aaron both attend Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex & Union.

Ina (D’77) & Larry (R’77) Lerman announce Larry’s appointment as the chair of the commercial lending group of his law firm, Lerch, Early & Brewer in Baltimore. Ina is the director of the Israel & Overseas Department of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.

Mindy Drickler R’78 celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of her son Josh in 2005. Her daughter Shira just spent the year in Israel on the Shalem program and her daughter Shoshanna is the co-founder of the Jewish a capella group at the University of Maryland.

Barbara Kirschner Irwin D’78 received her doctorate in Psychology.

Melinda & Larry Soria R’79 announce the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Jackie and the graduation of their son Joseph from Rutgers in 2005.


Diane Ritzner Irwin (R’81) & Eytan Irwin (R’80) are proud of Eytan’s recent running in the Chicago marathon and two triathlons! Their oldest daughter Britney recently graduated from the Moshe Aaron Yeshiva High School and spent the year in Israel.

Ellen Graboff Shemesh D’81 announces that her son Yosef Singer is learning at Machon Lev in Jerusalem and is a medic for Magen David Adom. Her son Simcha Singer transferred to Rutgers in January 2006 and her daughter Rivka Shemesh is in Kindergarten.

Karen Feiwus Berger D’82 remarried Dr. Elia Weixelbaum in August 2005 and is currently living in West Orange, NJ.

Lois Kaplan Meisel D’83 celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of her son Samuel and Bat Mitzvah of daughter Jordana with her husband Mark.


Dov Wasserman R’95 announces the birth of new baby girl, Liron Gilla. Mazel tov to Dov & Adina.


Barbara Labendz Fink D’01 announces her marriage in July 2006 to Jon Fink.

Brian Lowe R’01 was recently engaged to Bonnie Glantz. He is the Branch Manager for Commerce Bank in Tribeca.

Erik Kessler R’02 has been named the new Development Director of Rutgers Hillel. He and his wife, Dana (Chait) R’04 live in Highland Park, NJ.

Shiri Greenstein R’03 and Aviram Shapira ’04 announce their wedding on September 3, 2006. Rabbi Esther Reed officiated.

Aviva Kieffer Goldstein R’03 announces the birth of a daughter, Tehilla. She and husband Seth live in Riverdale with their daughter Eliana.

Dina Schwartzberg R’03 announces her marriage to Avi Spirer in May 2006.

Brett Tanzman R’03 is entering his third year at Rutgers Law School in Camden.

Shira (Pruce) Benbenishty R'04 made aliyah soon after graduation, and was married this past summer to Amit Benbenishty.  They are making their home in Jerusalem. 

Gary Kasper R’04 is a graduate student in Chemistry at the Johns Hopkins University.

Scott Roland ’04 and Aviva Cohen ’05 announce their engagement

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